FOTOGRAFIE Lucrees van Groningen

Lucrees van Groningen

Slow photography

Throughout my life, photography has been a constant passion. It began with film, spending hours in a darkroom, meticulously developing and printing the best negatives on paper—a process that, while time-consuming, was undeniably rewarding. As the world accelerated, so did the evolution of cameras and systems. I transitioned to digital photography, adapting to the changing landscape. Yet, somewhere in this progression, I felt something was missing. While digital photography was convenient and yielded satisfying results, I longed for a more distinctive and artisanal touch in my work.

In my quest for a way to infuse craftsmanship into my photography, I turned my attention to platinum palladium prints, drawn to their captivating color, tone, and texture. The journey was not without challenges—finding the right chemicals, selecting suitable paper, and more—but with guidance from the invaluable books by Christopher James and various blogs, I found my way. The combination of photography and craftsmanship in platinum palladium printing marked a significant point of fulfillment for me, and it was only the beginning.

Encouraged by enthusiastic responses to the allure of gum over platinum/palladium, I felt compelled to explore the enchanting world of gumprinting. While the process may not involve many ingredients, navigating its intricacies proved to be a challenge. Armed with resources from Christopher James and Christina Z. Anderson, along with a substantial supply of paper and a generous amount of time, I discovered my path in gumprinting. Each print became a unique creation, transforming a photograph into an object with its own distinct identity.

I sincerely hope that as you explore this website, you'll share in my appreciation for these prints. Keep in mind that the true beauty of these creations may be best appreciated in person, as screens can only convey so much.